Choosing The Best Floors for Your Home

Choosing The Best Floors for Your Home

A vital part of interior design is your floor. There are a lot of options, you can go from wood to ceramic tiles, to carpets. It all depends on how you are going to utilize the room and whether or not you are capable of maintaining it. The options can be overwhelming, and you might get confused at first. Here are some tips on how you can choose the best floors for your home.

Match with the use of the room

Different floors are usually placed in different types of rooms. For example, you might want to use wooden floors, but these type of floors are not good for damp rooms. Therefore, don’t use wooden floors with kitchens or bathrooms, because all the dampness from the drainage will cause the wood to rot quickly. There are polished woods that might be able to sustain all the dampness, but they tend to be expensive.

Mind the temperature

Temperature matters a lot with floors, and also wall paints, but this time we will focus on floors. If you live in an area with high temperatures, choose a floor tile that doesn’t easily follow the temperature of its surroundings. For example, a ceramic tile should be best for high-temperature areas since it is cooling. You should also make sure that your room, in general, gets a lot of sunlight. This will prevent your floors from dusting or dampening.

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Floors have to be well maintained according to their type. For carpets, you need to vacuum at least once a week. If you don’t want to get into the hassle, you can call Carpet cleaning in Rockingham to clean it up for you. Wooden floors need to be mopped with a special kind of anti-bacterial solution, and not just the regular ones you find in the supermarket. For other types of tiles, you generally need to sweep it every day and mop it at least once every two days.

Color palette

This is where interior design comes into work. Your floor tiles are best to be matched with the color palette from the room’s design so that it looks aesthetically pleasing. If your living room is all brown with creme accents and has wooden accessories, then a wooden floor should suit you best. You can also utilize your floors to add a pop of color to your room, such as using light-colored tiles when the furniture is more dark-colored.

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Different types of hardwood floors

Different types of hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is a good way of improving the value, durability, and the appearance of your home. You can install this type of floor in any particular room of your house. If you are planning to install hardwood flooring, there are several ways to categorize this form of flooring. Also, there are various installation methods:

Form of wood

Engineered wood

This is made of thin pieces of wood and layers that are placed on each other. Also, the grain is alternated in layers and different directions. The good thing about crisscrossing is that it can withstand more weight and force.hardwood floors

Acrylic impregnated wood

It is made of a combination of solid wood and acrylic to make a strong material. The material is strong to withstand even heavy traffic.

Size of material and laying out

Strips are usually long pieces of wood that are available in different size widths from 1.0 inches to 3.0 inches. There are also planks which are longer, wider pieces as compared to strip and are at least 3.0 inches. Lastly, there are parquet floors which are intricate patterns that use different pieces of wood to make a geometric pattern. It usually takes the form of the small strips to produce small squares. These squares then alternate in different directions. They can also make other designs like a zigzag look.

Installation methods

hardwood floor 6235The majority of hardwood floors can be fastened to the subfloor that is just below the hardwood flooring by use of nails, glue, or staples. Moreover, there is a floating floor that is not attached to the subfloor. It can be protected against moisture by putting it on top of the subfloor. However, it is not a must to attach it to the subfloor or underlay. You can either glue or snap it together in a groove and tongue fashion. It is highly preferred as they can be put on any particular type of surface and are quite easy to install.

You can stain hardwood floor to offer it a dark or light look. Moreover, you can leave it natural or untreated. Some other treatments include crackling, whitewashing, and antiquing.

Types of finishes

When the hardwood floor is finished, the top coat penetrates deep into the wood. Surface finish uses urethanes and varnishes. When choosing the surface finish, ensure you consider ease of application, odor, drying time, and durability. Deep finishes penetrate deep into the wood and require extra coat of wax to offer it shine.…