Things you never knew about plumbing

It is not a must you know everything. However, it is vital to understand the basics particularly when it comes to plumbing. In fact, most homeowners do not think about it as long as it is functioning properly. When trouble strikes, you are the mercy of a plumber and his or her expertise. In this post, you will learn what you need to know about drainage systems, fixtures, and piping systems in your home.

plumbing system 3454Albert Einstein, a famous scientist, was a member of Plumbers and Steamfitters Union, albeit honorary. He was given the membership when he said if he was to live another life, he would be a plumber. Several other famous people might have been plumbers. Before becoming a singer, Ozzy Osbourne was a plumber.

No grease and oil

Most problems are caused by you. This is because you dump and pour things down your kitchen sink. Grease and cooking oil should not be flushed down the drainage. This is because they congeal and clog after cooling. The right thing to do is to pour grease and used cooking oil into a milk carton and leave them to freeze. You can then throw it in the dustbin with other kitchen trash.

Water heaters require attention

Very few homeowners pay attention to the water heaters. This is because these appliances are usually tucked away in closets or basements. Thus, you may forget to carry out the required routine maintenance. Ensure you flush the tank at least once a year. This will ensure the water heater is functioning right. Moreover, you need to check its anode at least twice a year for oxidation and rust. Remember that it is very expensive to replace water heaters. Taking the above steps will lengthen their lifespan.

The sink trap is important

plumbing systems 65The bend in the sink pipes is not just there to make your pipes look great. It is designed to ensure sewer gases do not seep up into the sink and your home. In fact, it does the same thing with water. Whenever a sink is not used for an extended period, the water in the sink trap will evaporate. If this happens, you are in for a rude shock. Ensure you seal sink traps which are likely to go unused. A reliable plumber can help you fix this.

You should note that the water in the plumbing traps for urinals just like other fixtures creates a seal that prevents the sewer gas from coming back to the building.