Pests Most Homeowners Complain About

Pests Most Homeowners Complain About

Irrespective of how clean and tidy you keep your home, there are still good chances of getting pest infestation at some point. Some may only cause a nuisance, but there are others that sting, bite or even transmit diseases. Others may also cause structural damage to your home and significantly lower its value. Simply using a bug spray is not the right way to deal with the problem. Some of the common pests that you may have in your home are highlighted below.

Rats and Mice


These are probably the most common pests in homes, especially during the summer time. In addition to eating all your food, they can wreck your furniture and clothes, defecate on your rugsĀ and floors, and at times even bite you. They can also spread various diseases such as Salmonellosis and Hantavirus. They prefer nesting in places that are warm and quiet such as in wall cavities. Common signs that you have a rat and mice infestation include unusual smell similar to that of ammonia, shredded materials, dark droppings, and gnaw marks.


A majority of homeowners also complain about bedbugs. The primary source of food for bedbugs is blood. They bite to feed on blood, and their bite can cause a lot of irritation. There is also a possibility of getting a secondary infection due to all the scratching caused by irritation. You can find the bugs close to where people rest or sleep. They spread very quickly, which makes it quite difficult to control. The common signs of bedbugs are dark excreta stains and blood spots on beddings and unpleasant sweet scent.


cockroach graphicCockroaches are also quite common in homes, especially in kitchens. They mostly stay in hiding during the day and come out to feed when it is dark. Cockroaches are quite unsightly and carry diseases such as Dysentery, Salmonella, and Gastro-enteritis. Their droppings are also known to increase the effects of eczema and asthma. Signs of roach infestation include unpleasant and lingering odor in cupboards, behind appliances, under the sink and other dark places.


There are various types of flies that homeowners complain about. Irrespective of the type, they are known to carry quite many diseases and can even cause food poisoning. Some species can even bite humans. The typical signs of fly infestation include maggot sightings and small clusters of spots. Getting help from professional exterminators is essential for long-term control of flies.…