Tips for a Successful Move

Tips for a Successful Move

You have found the apartment or house of your dreams, and all you have to do is prepare for the move! Not so difficult with an adapted organization. There is the possibility of having boxes and moving kits delivered directly to your home by different movers. You can also hire this company for a successful move within Inverness and the surrounding regions. For a successful move, you have to ensure that everything is in order. Here are tips for a successful move.

Estimate the Volume

The choice of the utility vehicle will depend on the estimated necessary volume. Take into account the wheel passage, which changes the valuable volume and floor space and always provides a safety margin. A volume calculator will have helped you judge the size of the vehicle you need. The number of boxes provides a valuable indication:

  • 60 boxes: an 8m3 vehicle corresponds to the volume of a small studio
  • 80 boxes: between 12m3 and 15m3, the utility will move the contents of one bedroom.
  • 120 boxes: the 20m3 truck is suitable for a small house. Look for a van equipped with a tail lift to move the heaviest objects more easily.

Buy Your Boxes and Make Them Like a Pro

Successful packaging optimizes the space in each box and classifies the objects by room in the future accommodation logically. Ideally, the contents of each box will have been listed, and a copy of the list will be affixed to the outside with tape. You should therefore buy and label your boxes correctly to minimize confusion when moving to your new apartment. Look for the right size of boxes.

Start Packaging at Least One Month Before

You should start packing early to avoid the last minute rush and confusion. The best you can do is start with the less useful items or those you don’t use the most. You can start with the following:

  • magazines, books, old records, photo albums
  • household linen, winter clothes if you move in summer and vice versa
  • party decorations
  • garage and gardening tools
  • tableware for special occasions (silverware, crystal, etc.)
  • trinkets, wall decorations

Get a Good Start

Loading must be systematic: household appliances and heavy objects will be placed at the bottom of the truck. In the accommodation you are leaving, clean your floors, read your meters (water, gas, electricity), cut off the water and gas supplies, switch off the circuit breakers, and close the windows. Following these tips carefully will grant you a successful move.…