8 Smart Tips for Organizing Pantries, Refrigerators, and Freezer

Keeping your house in order is essential for a comfortable stay and easy access to several items. You should ensure all the rooms or sections of your home are perfectly organized. There are multiple storage ideas you can try out to keep various parts organized.

The fridge, freezer, and pantry are areas where you often lose control, especially in the era of supermarkets and overconsumption. It’s not always easy to find Grandma’s lasagna under bags of frozen fruit bought on sale! Here are ideas to organize food well, waste less and make meal preparation easier.

Put Fruits in the Fridge

Put Fruits in the FridgeTake the fruits out of the bags and nets, then place them in ceramic, glass, or Pyrex bowls. It’s time to bring out your vintage finds! Conspicuous in their beautiful containers, the fruits will quickly be devoured.

Create a Secret Shelf for Cans

In addition to maximizing space, this DIY project keeps canned foods close at hand. You can personalize the shelf by lining it with a herringbone wallpaper or any design you like.

Organize Snacks in Transparent Containers

No need to worry when coming home from the gym or before going to the office. By organizing your snacks in transparent containers, you always have something good to eat.

Place the Condiments on a Turntable

Super practical, the turntable allows easy access to oils, vinegar, sauces, and other condiments often forgotten in a dark and deep pantry. The same system can be used in the refrigerator.

Freeze the DishesOrganizing Pantries

What could be more satisfying than preparing lots of delicious dishes to freeze? To keep even more in the freezer, freeze them flat in plastic bags. Quick tip: use a straw to extract the air from the bag in one breath before closing it.

Place Legumes, Pasta, and Cereal in Matching Clear Containers

It is impossible to guarantee the freshness of the cereals lying around in this badly closed cardboard box. And what about the bag of macaroni, long forgotten behind the giant pepper shaker? Instead, place dry foods in transparent containers and identify their contents with beautiful labels or washi tape.

 Organize the Pastry Items in a Separate Corner

Since we don’t use pastry items that often, we move the chocolates, decorations, and sugared almonds to another cabinet, then we organize all this with beautiful glass bottles and jars.

Take the Spices Out of the PantryOrganizing Pantries

This system of shelves and small glass jars helps free up pantry space while adding a general store look to the room. Decorative letters can be found in antique and retro stores.

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