Tips on Storing Unwanted Home Items

Tips on Storing Unwanted Home Items

Sometimes we can’t find places to keep all our things the house becomes untidy especially if your house is relatively small. When decluttering and storing the key point is to find a system that works for you. Using shipping containers can help you to store items that you do not need. Here are some useful storage tips to store unwanted household items.

Use Labels

The fact that you have unwanted household items doesn’t mean that they have to be neglected. If you are planning to keep them in clear bins, then you might not need a label. For people who like everything organized, you can use labels. Storing different items in the same colored bins might be confusing.

A great idea is to take pictures of the bin contents before closing it up, print out the picture, and stick it to the bin. This helps to know exactly what is inside the bin. Make the labels as visible as possible so that you don’t have to go through several bins to find what you’re looking for.

Add Shelves and Drawers

There is no better way of keeping your space tidy than adding shelves and drawers. Say no to disorganization by adding slide-out drawers to deep bedrooms and bathrooms. This is also a way of making use of every usable space. Install roll-out storage for unwanted pots and pans or even old laundry.

To impose order, make use of drawer dividers in your home office or workshop. Try and install shelves on unused walls you will be surprised how much storage space you will have. Open shelves usually give the kitchen a clean look as long as the items stored are neatly arranged.

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Be Creative With Your Space

There are some underutilized spaces in the house that you can take advantage of and maximize your storage. One of the spaces is underneath a staircase, you can organize boxes and bins with your items carefully labeled. Try to build custom shelves or buy pre-made storage. The space under your bed is a great place for storing unwanted linen and other items.

For storing heavier items you might want to a firm storage lift. Use an old mattress spring and turn it into a stylish wall mount. It is ideal for hanging tools as well as a decorative piece. Use under the sink to store unused brushes, brooms, or other cleaning tools.

Use Another Room for Storage

Not all rooms may be occupied especially if your house is big. You can utilize unused spaces in your house such as the guest bedroom, a vacant area in the basement, or unused space in the garage.

Once you have assigned the room for storage you can organize your items and stuff the ones which will no longer be used. Make a list of how and where you have stored each item. It will help you remember in the future. Stick the list on the wall of the storage room.…