Upgrade your Sleep Today

We do spend a third of our adult lives sleeping in our bedrooms. This is a third of your adult life spent inside one room. Additionally, here is where you relax, rest or regenerate. Not many people ask themselves how best they can improve the quality of their experience in this room.

As soon as most people their bedrooms the first instinct is to hop into their bed and pull over the blanket. However, once you understand the biological needs that are favorable for the body during your sleep, you might take a different approach. Here are a few essential tips on how to transform your bedroom for the better.

1. Expulsion of light

The definition of nighttime today is much different than it was a century ago. After the sun sets, it is replaced by countless neon lights spread across the city. Our human evolution over the years included spending more time sleeping and resting. Unfortunately, when exposed to light, the sleep hormone melatonin is inhibited. Exposure to a high intensity of blue light will off-set your body neurotransmitters affecting the hormone equilibrium. Studies have associated hormonal disequilibrium to bipolar disorders, chronic stress, and systemic imbalances.

2. Does closing your eyes help?

better sleepScientific research has been able to showcase the difference between starlight, sunlight, and reflection from a full moon. When seated indoors you miss out on direct vitamin D from the daylight. This is one cause of several health problems. When using lots of electronics during the night, your circadian rhythm is affected too. The best way to counter this situation is to ensure that your room remains dark. If the orange street lights filter through your curtains and into your bedroom, shut them out with expensive, opaque curtains. The darker, the better.

3. Clean the electronics

At times you might want to use your room for relaxing or sleeping. Other times, the bedroom seems like the only suitable place for reading, journaling, sex or meditation. Televisions and laptops release a great deal of blue light that might keep you awake. This is why it is advisable to switch them off two hours before retiring to bed.

The calmer and relaxed your bedroom is the better. This can be achieved by removing anything that might trigger stress, for instance, a phone or tablet. You do not want to keep pondering about upcoming obligations or events right before you retire to bed. Once you step into your bedroom, it is essential that you feel at ease.

It has been scientifically proven that a lack of quality sleep is the most significant cause of depression. Improved sleeping habits are just what might make the difference.

4. Silence is key

It is quite unfortunate when we are accustomed to the sound of honking cars or barking dogs. This forces up our defensive instinct that forces us to wake up abruptly. Today, this can be brought about mainly by a lack of sleep or irritation. One great way to check this is by buying top quality earpieces. Additionally, you can have soundproof windows fitted in your bedroom.

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